Why Does My Voice Broadcast Have an Error?

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If you have attempted to send a Voice Broadcast and have received an error message, there are a few possible reasons why you have seen this and what you can do to prevent an error.

Voice Broadcasting

Possible Reason #1: Invalid Caller ID

When creating your Voice Broadcast, please make sure that your Caller ID is a valid phone number. If it is invalid, then you will see an error message. 


Please input a valid phone number. If it's valid then you won't see the error message.

If you are using a real valid phone number and want it verified, then please contact our support team to get approval for this number to be used.


Possible Reason #2: Timeout on Our End

From time to time, we may be experiencing a time-out issue when sending your Voice Broadcast. 


Please recreate your Voice Broadcast and attempt to send again. If it does not go through, then please contact support for more information and assistance.

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