Why Does My Broadcast Have an Error?

If you have attempted to send a Broadcast and have seen the error message, there are a few possible reasons why you have seen this and what you can do to prevent an error.

Voice Broadcasting

Possible Reason #1: Invalid Caller ID

When creating your voice broadcast, please make sure that your caller ID is a valid phone number. If it is invalid, then you will see an error message. 


Please input a valid phone number. If it's valid then you will not see the error message.

If you are using a real valid phone number and want it verified, then please contact our support team to get approval for this number to be used.


Possible Reason #2: Timeout on Our End

From time to time, we may be experiencing a time-out issue when sending your voice broadcast. 


Please re-create your Voice Broadcast and attempt to send again. If it does not go through, then please Contact support for more information and assistance.

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