NEW! Adding Call Loop Webforms to Your Wix Website

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Wix makes it really easy to create websites and capture leads from your website visitors. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to add Call Loop webforms to your Wix website.


Call  Setup

Step 1: Create a Group

To start adding contacts, you'll need to create a new group from Call Loop.


Step 2: Create an Immediate Followup

After someone signs up on your webform, it's a best practice to send them an immediate SMS message to let them know what they signed up for. To do this, create an immediate Followup message.

Example SMS Message:

Thanks for joining! You'll receive SMS updates, coupons, and more from us. 

- {Name}

Then after you create your Followup message, you'll need to turn it on so the message will be delivered.


Adding Your Call Loop Webform to Wix

Step 1: Create Your Webform

In order to start capturing leads, you'll need to create a webform then add it over to Wix. To create a webform, go to "Webforms" and set it up like this:

Thank You Page
This is the webpage where your contacts will be redirected to after they sign up from your webform. This can be another Wix webpage or the same Wix webpage thank you page you currently have.


Step 2: Copy Your Call Loop Webform Code

After you create your webform, click the "Code" button and copy this HTML code.


Step 3: Drag Over The HTML Code Field

On your webpage, on the left side click on the Add button. This will open up a box and you'll select the next option.

Scroll all the way down to More and hover over to then select HTML Code.

Next, drag over the HTML Code box to your webpage.


Step 4: Add Your HTML Webform Code to Wix

Click on the new HTML Code box to open up its settings and paste in your Call Loop HTML webform code and press update.

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