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Creating a web form that you can add to your Squarespace page allows people to easily subscribe to your text message groups.

Step 1:

Create your web form in Call Loop - Click on the Web Forms tab and create a new web form.


Name: Give your form a name.

Thank You Page: This is the webpage you want your subscribers to land after they successfully optin to your web form.


First Name, etc: These are for additional information that you can collect on your form.


Step 2:

We need to copy the HTML code so we can paste it into the Squarespace Code Block.

Click on the CODE button.


Then select all of the code and copy it. 


Step 3:

Now the fun part! These next steps are done on the Squarepsace website. Click here to familiarize yourself with Squarespace's Code Block. These steps are taken directly from that page.

Add the Code Block

1) Open a page or post editor.

2) Click and Insert point or the +.

3) Select CODE from the menu.

4) For more detail visit Adding blocks.


Add the Code

This is where you will paste the code that we copied in Step 2. (image does not contain Call Loop code)

When it's pasted click Apply.

Preview Embedded Code:

As a security measure, sometimes your code won't appear when you're logged in, even if visitors can see it. If you can't see code that you added to a Code Block, you can Preview in Safe Mode to view the embedded item.

That's all there is to it! If you are familiar with editing HTML code you can spruce up the web form to more match your websites style. If you need any help with Squarespace's code block, click here.

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