NEW! How to Create an SMS Coupon

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There's no doubt that SMS is a fantastic way to drive sales to your offline or online business using sms coupons.

And in this tutorial, you'll learn a surprisingly simple way to capture leads from SMS text messages to deliver a time based SMS coupon to help you drive more sales.


Step 1: Create a Group

To start, you'll first need to create a group in your Call Loop account. This group is where people will join after they text in your keyword. 

You'll want to turn Allow Re-subscribes to NO. This means that people won't be able to re-optin over and over again, abusing the system to get your coupon code whenever they want.



Step 2: Create an Immediate Follow-up

After you create your group, you'll be prompted to create your Follow-up message. This first message will be the autoreply message a person receives immediately after texting in to your keyword and joins your group.

Create Your Follow-up Name

Option 1: Deliver The Reward Immediately After Optin

Here's an example of the reward that you can deliver immediately after they join by texting in your mobile keyword.

Option 2: Request Their Email Address to Confirm

This option will allow you to capture the person's email address for later marketing follow-up. You can also connect one of your email autoresponders to Call Loop and we'll send these new leads to your 3rd party email marketing provider.

After you create your Follow-up, then you'll need to turn it ON.



Step 3: Purchase Your Keyword

You will need to secure your keyword in order for people to start texting in to join. To see if your keyword is available, head over to the Keywords page.

Search For Your Keyword.

Start your search by putting in a word that represents your business, organization, or reason for the keyword.

If it's not available, our system will alert you. This means that someone other Call Loop customer already possesses this keyword.

Purchase Your Keyword.

If your keyword is available, click the link to purchase your keyword. From here, if you have your credit card on file, you can use this or enter in a new credit card to purchase this keyword on a monthly or yearly basis.



Step 4: Connect Your Keyword to Your Group

After you have purchased your keyword, you can now connect it to one of your Groups. 

Now, when someone texts in your keyword to the phone number 38470, they will be added to your group.

Congratulations! You keyword is now active!


Step 5: Buy Credits

In order to be able to receive and send SMS text messages, you'll need to purchase credits. To buy credits, just head over to "Account > Buy Credits" and purchase credits. 

Credits are calculated by 1 credit = 1 SMS.


Step 6: Test Your Keyword

To test, send a text message to the phone number 38470 and the message should be your keyword. It is not case-sensitive.

Here's an example on how to send in your text message...


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