[Instapage] Capture Phone Numbers from Webinar/Teleseminar Thank You Pages

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In this tutorial, you'll learn how to:

  • Integrate Call Loop webforms into Instapage pages
  • Use Webhooks to add contacts to your Call Loop group
  • Send SMS confirmation messages after a registration opts in
  • Schedule broadcasts to all of your registrants


Call Loop Setup

Step 1: Create a Group

To start adding contacts, you'll need to create a new group from Call Loop. To integrate with Instapage, select Integration > Custom HTTP Post.

After your group is created, copy the URL provided. You will be using this to connect your Instapage webform to Call Loop.


Step 2: Create an Immediate Followup

After someone signs up to receive your SMS reminders, you'll want to send them a confirmation SMS message so they know that they will also receive the message before the event starts.

Example SMS Message:

You are confirmed for the webinar! You'll receive a text message reminder 15 minutes before the webinar starts.

- {Name}

Then after you create your Followup message, you'll need to turn it on so the message will be delivered.



Instapage Setup

Step 1: Create Your Optin Form

From Instapage, create your webpage and webform to capture the phone number.


Step 2: Edit Your Webform, Select Integrations, Select Webhook

On your webform, select Integrations at the top left, then select Webhook.


Step 3: Enter Your Call Loop Group URL

Now paste in your Call Loop webform URL. You can get this by clicking the edit icon for your Call Loop group.


Step 4: Skip The Authorization Token


Step 5: Select "Send By POST"


Step 6: Match Your Fields

On this screen, you need to match the fields that Instapage is sending over to Call Loop.

For your phone field, you will use, in ALL lowercase:

  • phone 

You can also pass over to Call Loop first name, last name, and email address. To do so, the match fields are:

  • first
  • last
  • email


Step 7: Complete!

Well done! Now when someone opts into this webform, they will be added you your Call Loop group. 

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