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If you're wanting to send voice broadcast and SMS reminders to your webinar or teleseminar registrants, then you'll love this tutorial.

In the tutorial, you'll learn how to:

  • Integrate Call Loop web forms with Clickfunnels
  • Capture mobile phone numbers from your thank you pages
  • How to send SMS webinar confirmation messages automatically
  • How to schedule broadcasts to all of your registrants


Call Loop Setup

Step 1: Create a Group

To start adding contacts, you'll need to create a new group from Call Loop.


Step 2: Create an Immediate Followup

After someone signs up to receive your SMS reminders, you'll want to send them a confirmation SMS message so they know that they will also receive the message before the event starts.

Example SMS Message:

You are confirmed for the webinar! You'll receive a text message reminder 15 minutes before the webinar starts.

- {Name}

Then after you create your Followup message, you'll need to turn it on so the message will be delivered.


Creating Your Call Loop Webform

Step 1: Create Your Webform

In order to start capturing leads, you'll need to create a web form then add it over to ClickFunnels. To create a web form, go to "Web Forms" and set it up like this:

Thank You Page
This is the webpage where your contacts will be redirected to after they sign up from your web form. This can be another ClickFunnel page or the same ClickFunnel thank you page you currently have.


Step 2: Copy Your Call Loop Web Form Code

After you create your web form, click the "Code" button and copy this HTML code.


Clickfunnels Setup

Step 1: Create an HTML Integration

From Clickfunnels, head over to the Integrations page and create an "HTML Form" integration. This will allow you to add Call Loop's HTML code to your opt-in form.


Step 2: Set Your Opt-in Field as a Phone Number

On your Clickfunnels page, you'll need to setup an Input Field that is set as a Phone Number. 


Step 3: Add Your HTML Code To Your Page

To edit your Integration Settings, first click on the button, then on the left side you should see the "Integration Settings" link.


Step 4: Paste in Your Call Loop Web Form Code

From Call Loop, grab the HTML code for your web form and paste it in here and DELETE the <script> code from the field. So DELETE everything from <script> to </script>. Clickfunnels will not allow this to be saved unless you remove this script. 

Finally, parse your fields and match the Phone fields with Clickfunnels.



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