My caller ID is showing "Please enter a valid caller ID", but it's a valid number.

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If your caller ID is showing the error "Please enter a valid caller ID" and you're scratching your head and wondering why it's not being accepted even though it's a valid phone number, not to worry.

Most likely, this is considered a VOIP phone number. In most cases, these numbers are from Google Voice, CallRail, or another provider. 

Please note that 844 numbers are unable to be used at this time.

In order to use this caller ID, we will need to manually add your caller ID to our system.


How to Get Your Caller ID Approved

To get your caller ID approved, please submit a support ticket, along with the phone number(s) you wish to use. Please give us 2-5 business days to approve your number to use as a valid caller ID.

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