NEW! [GetResponse] How to Add Contacts to Call Loop from GetResponse Webforms

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If you're wanting to add your subscribers to Call Loop from your GetResponse webforms, than this tutorial will show you how!

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to:

  • Integrate Call Loop with GetResponse to add contacts to your groups
  • Deliver automated SMS messages upon sign up

Call Loop Followup & Broadcasting Setup

Step 1: Create a Group

First create a group and select GetResponse as the integration provider.

Thank You Page: This is the page that the subscriber will be redirected to after they optin to your GetResponse webform.


Step 2: Copy Your URL

After you create your group, Call Loop will provide you a URL to add to your GetResponse webform. Simply copy this and we'll head over to GetResponse to add this.


Step 3: Create an Immediate Followup

After someone signs up to from your GetResponse webform, you'll want to send them a confirmation SMS message so they know that they will also receive the message before the event starts.

Example SMS Message:

Thank you for joining! Use coupon code "50OFF" to get 50% off your first purchase!"

Then after you create your Followup message, you'll need to turn it on so the message will be delivered.



GetResponse Webforms

Step 1: Create a GetResponse Webform

From your Webform, you'll want to drag over one of the phone fields that GetResponse provides. We recommend using the Mobile Phone field.


Step 2: Open Up The Webform Settings

At the top right, click on the gear icon to bring up the webforms settings.


Step 3: Insert Your Call Loop URL as The Thank You Page


Next, from the Choose your thank you page and Already subscribed URL setting, select Custom and insert your Call Loop URL.

Step 4: Set Forward Contact Data to POST

At the bottom, change the Forward contact data dropdown from No to Post.


Step 5: Save and Test!

That's it. Your GetResponse webforms should now add your subscribers to your Call Loop group automatically for you.

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