[Zapier] Getting Started with Call Loop & Zapier

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What is Zapier?

For those not yet familiar with Zapier, their service allows you to connect your other web services and apps (now over 1000+) to Call Loop. Build your lists and send voice and text messages without writing, having to hire a developer, or write any code.

Available Call Loop Triggers & Actions

Add Contact to Call Loop Group
Adds a contact to your selected Call Loop group.

Send Trigger Message (voice or SMS)
Allows you to select your trigger message (voice or SMS) to send to a contact.

Create SMS Text Message
This allows you to customize and personalize your SMS text message. You'll be able to merge in fields into your message.

How do You Setup a Call Loop Zap?

Step 1: Pick a Trigger App

Step 1 is where you choose your Trigger App and what action triggers the Zap. Due to the sheer amount of apps that Zapier supports, it would be impossible to go through all the possibilities. Consult Zapier's Help Desk for help with your Trigger App.

In this example, when an Infusionsoft contact gets a tag applied, we will add them to a Call Loop Group.


Step 2 and 3: Connecting Your Apps

Select Call Loop from the list of Apps in the Action App List.

Choose what Action you want the Zap to take once triggered. Again, for this example we are using Add Contact to Group. 


Next you choose your Call Loop account. if you have a Call Loop account already connected to Zapier, it will appear in the list, otherwise connect a new account.


A popup window will appear requesting your API Key.



API Key: You will need to insert your Call Loop API key here. You can generate this key by logging into your Call Loop account and going to "Account > API", then generate your key here.

Step 4: Map Your Fields

This is where you will select your group and merge in your fields into Call Loop. Each Call Loop "action" will be different and can be customized. Clicking on the Plus icon pulls up a list of merge fields.

This picture shows you how to "Add a Contact" action.


Group Name: Select the group you wish to store your contacts. (*required)

Phone Number: Merge in your phone field for Call Loop to store. (*required)

First Name: Merge in the first name field here to merge into the contact.

Last Name: Merge in the last name into the contact.

Email: Merge in the email address.

Step 5: Test Your Zap

On step 5, you will be able to test your zap. You can see the action sample and the information being passed over. It will also alert you of any issues it finds. In this example, the sample doesn't have a phone number which is required.


If you wish to test it and send a message to yourself, change the Phone Number merge field to your cell phone, then run the test.

Step 6: Turn The Zap On

The only thing left to do is to turn on your Zap.



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