[Marketo] How to Add Contacts to a Call Loop Group

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In this tutorial, you'll learn how to add contacts from Marketo to a Call Loop group using Marketo Webhooks.

To learn how to Send a Voice Broadcast or SMS Text Message from Marketo using Call Loop's Triggers, click here.

Add a Contact to a Call Loop Group

One option you have with Call Loop is to add your contacts to one or many of your groups.

For example, after someone joins a webinar or buys a product we can put them into a specific Call Loop Group to later send them a targeted text.

Step 1: Create a Call Loop Group

Marketo SMS

Step 2: Copy Your URL

Marketo Voice Broadcasting

Step 3: Create Your Marketo Webhook

On the top right, click on "Admin"


Then click on "Webhooks"


Then create your webhook and using the same options as shown here:


Webhook Name: This is the name of the webhook. You want to label this specific to the action it will be doing.

Description: Give this a description of what this trigger will do.

URL: Paste in your Call Loop URL here.

Request Type: Set this to POST (NOTE: If you set to GET then this will cause the webhook to not work with Call Loop)

Template: This is the information that Marketo will send over to Call Loop. You can use our template as a guide for you.

&phone={{lead.Mobile Phone Number:default=edit me}}&first={{lead.First Name:default=edit me}}&last={{lead.Last Name:default=edit me}}&email={{lead.Email Address:default=edit me}}

You can pass over to Call Loop the following fields.

IMPORTANT: They must be in this format or else they will not be added to your Call Loop. They must be EXACTLY as shown, in all lowercase words.

  • phone (*required)
  • first
  • last
  • email

Request Token Encoding: Set this to Form/Url

Response Type: None

Step 4: Add Your Webhook to the Flow in Your Campaign

Now from your Smart Campaign, click on the "Flow" tab and drag over the "Call Integration" Webhook. Then select the New Webhook you just created.

IMPORTANT: Use a trigger event instead of a batch.


That's it!


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