How to track clicks from your SMS messages

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Click Tracking by Call Loop will not only shorten your links for you, but will also show you how many people click your links from your SMS text messages.

When you create your link, Call Loop converts it into it’s own unique link that’s hosted on our website and domain

Then, when a subscriber clicks on one of the links in your SMS message, we track this as a click and calculate all of the clicks generated for each specific link.

How to Create Your Link

Viewing Your Analytics

After you send your Broadcast text message, you’ll be able to track in REAL-TIME the results of your campaign. Here’s what the snapshot will look like:

How to View Stats for Any Link

Currently, these metrics are only available for Broadcasts. So if you added your link in a followup or trigger, you can see the link tracking stats by doing the following.

To see the stats for any link you create, simply add a + (plus sign) to the end of the URL to see the stats.


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