What are triggers and how do I use them?

A trigger will allow you to send a voice or text message via an HTTP Post from your custom application or in most cases by integrating it into a platform like Infusionsoft, Office Autopilot, or other systems.

For example, if I want to send a text message when an order fails from my Infusionsoft application, I'd suggest using a Trigger message.

Triggers allow you to send one-off messages to a particular phone number.


How To Create a Trigger Message

To get to "Triggers" just goto "Messages > Triggers" and create your trigger.


From the screen you can select to add contacts to your Call Loop Group by turning the option to yes. This will add the contact to the group when they are posted over through your trigger URL.


How to Send a Trigger

  1. Create Your Trigger Message
  2. Click on "Code" and Copy the URL
  3. Append Variables to The URL
    • first
    • last
    • email
    • phone (required)
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