VIDEO: What are FollowUps (Auto-Responders)?

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Call Loop's FollowUps allow you to create a series of Voice and SMS text messages that will automatically be delivered to your subscribers in a sequence. So, when they join today, they can get a message right away, 3 days later at 2:30pm EST they get another SMS, 5 days later a voice message will be delivered.

FollowUps are autoresponders for voice and sms text messaging.



For your FollowUp messages, you can select when you want to specifically deliver a message. Your first FollowUp, we highly recommend creating a message to be delivered immediately.

By selecting the "Send Immediately" option, this will send your message immediately after they join your Group.

The "Send Later" option will allow you to set an interval on how many days AFTER they subscribe, that this message will be delivered.

Send At Time Windows For Immediate Messages

You can also set a time window on when to deliver the first immediate message. You may not want to deliver your Voice Broadcast immediately to the person if they subscribe at 3am, therefore you can set a time window on when they will receive the message.

Only Send on Certain Days


This will give you the option on when you want Call Loop to deliver this message. For example, you may want your message to be delivered only Monday - Friday, because the call to action has the listener "press 1" to contact your office. If it's on the weekend and this message is delivered, it won't be as effective.

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