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Here are the operations that you can do with Call Loop's API.

Add & Opt-Out Subscribers Using "Custom" Group Integration

Add Subscriber To a Group

When you create a group, select the "custom" integration and you will be given a URL. You can post the following variables to the URL to add a subscriber to this group.

  • phone - REQUIRED
  • first - (optional)
  • last - (optional)
  • email - (optional)


Opt-out a Subscriber from a Group

In some cases you may want to automatically opt-out a contact from a group. An example would be if you have two groups, a subscriber group and a customer group. When someone buys a product, opt them out from the subscriber group. 

To opt-out a subscriber from a group, use the SAME group URL and replace the /r/ in the url with an /s/ and trigger that by appending the phone variable to the URL.

Required variable to opt-out the contact

  • phone - REQUIRED


Sending Voice & Text Messages Using Triggers

Using our "Triggers" feature, you can send voice broadcasts or text messages by pinging the URL given for a specific message.

To create a Trigger, goto "Messages > Triggers" and create either your SMS or voice broadcast message. Once it's created you'll be given a URL for THAT specific message.

You MUST first create the Trigger message first, to get the URL to send the post to.


To send this message, you can post the following variables to the URL.

  • phone - REQUIRED for both SMS & Voice Broadcast
  • first - (optional for SMS)
  • last - (optional for SMS)
  • email - (optional for SMS)

If you are personalizing the SMS text message, you may want to pass in the first, last, or email into the post.


As you'll notice that Triggers have a "t" in the URL in place of the "r" or "s" for adding someone to a group. This URL is unique for this trigger.

Please contact support if you have any questions. 

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