What are the "Get Personal" merge fields used for?

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Personalization tags are used to personalize your text messages with your subscribers: First Name, Last Name, Email, or Phone number.

When a subscriber joins your opt-in form and includes their First Name you can personalize your text message to include it in a followup, broadcast, or trigger.

Ex: Jack, thank you for registering!

In Call Loop, the personalization will look like:

[FNAME], thank you for registering!

Since you may not have captured the names of every one of your subscribers, be careful when and how you use your personalization tags in your text messages.

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IMPORTANT: Merge fields may cause your messages to go over the limit as many names may be longer than the allotted text message length. We recommend allowing at least 10 characters when inserting merge fields in your messages to allows for long names.

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