[MailChimp] How to Add Contacts from MailChimp Webforms to Call Loop

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NOTE: We do not import your current MailChimp contacts to your Call Loop group. Only new webform signups are added to your Call Loop group.  

Our integration with MailChimp just got a whole lot easier!

Now you can integrate your MailChimp webforms and segment by your MailChimp groups with Call Loop.

How it Works

When someone new subscribes to your MailChimp webforms, they can automatically be added to your Call Loop group, to build your phone list and send instant text or voice messages to your MailChimp subscribers.

STEP 1: Create a Call Loop Group

From Call Loop's Groups page, click "Create a New Group".


STEP 2: Select "Integration > MailChimp"

When creating your Call Loop Group, click the "Integration" checkbox and then select "MailChimp" as the Provider.



STEP 3: Insert Your MailChimp API Key

To get your API Key, while in your MailChimp members area, click on your icon/picture at the top. Then select "Account", then select "Extras", and finally select "API keys."

You can access it here:



STEP 4: Select Your MailChimp List

A dropdown list will appear and you will have to select which list you want to connect Call Loop to. If you need to create a new MailChimp list, please login to your MailChimp account and create one. Go here to create a new list.



STEP 5: Select Your MailChimp Groups

If you have created any MailChimp "groups" for your list, they will appear here and you can select them. 

You can segment your Call Loop groups by using MailChimp groups. For example, if someone opts in to your "Florida" group and your Call Loop group is connected to your Florida group, they will be added to Call Loop. If they have selected "New York" and it's NOT connected to Call Loop, they will not be added.



STEP 6: Select Your Phone Merge Field

In order for Call Loop to work correctly, you will need a "Phone" field created in your webform. If you have a phone field selected, you can select it here.

If you need to create a phone field in MailChimp, you can do so by going to your list, then "Signup Forms > General Forms > Form Designer." From the Form Designer, click the "Phone" field to add it to your webform. Change the name of the field to "Phone" and save it.



STEP 7: From MailChimp, Check the "via the API" box for the Call Loop webhook

Go to your list and click Settings > Webhooks


From here, edit your new Call Loop webhook, and make sure that you check all of the highlighted boxes below and save.


Click update and you're done!



Now, when people subscribe to your MailChimp list, they will automatically be added to your Call Loop group! 

To send a text message to your subscribers right away, you can create a "FollowUp" message that is sent immediately. Go to "Messages > FollowUps" and create your FollowUp message. After it's created turn it ON and you're all set!

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