[Custom] How do I use the "Custom" integration setting when creating a group?

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When creating a group you have the option to integrate with a "Custom" provider. This will allow you to integrate Call Loop into another third-party platform like HEYO, Contest Domination, Office Autopilot, and even your own custom application.


How to Create Your Custom Group 

1. Create a New Group
2. Select Integration and select “Custom”
3. Grab the URL given after you create the group

How to Add a Subscriber

When you create the custom integrated group, on the next page you will be given a URL. With this URL, you can append certain variables to ADD a contact to this new group you just created.

For example, the URL given would look like this:

Available variables to add contacts

• phone (required)
• first
• last
• email 

So it would look like this:

How to Remove a Subscriber

In some cases you may want to automatically remove a contact from a group. An example would be if you have two groups, a subscriber group and a customer group. When someone buys a product, remove them from the subscriber group.

To remove a subscriber from a group, use the SAME group URL and replace the /r/ in the url with an /s/ and trigger that by appending the phone variable to the URL.


Required variable to remove the contact

• phone (required) 

Please see the PDF below for more information.

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