[AWeber] How to Add Subscribers to Call Loop When "Confirmed" Optin

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If you only want subscribers to be added to Call Loop AFTER they have confirmed their email address, then this tutorial will show you how to do it.

STEP 1: Create Your Call Loop Group

STEP 2: Integrate With AWeber

STEP 3: Copy Your URL

STEP 4: In AWeber hover over "My Lists" and click "List Settings" 

STEP 5:  Goto "Confirmed Optin"

STEP 6: Scroll down to "3. Success Page"

STEP 7: Paste in the Call Loop URL

STEP 7: Check to "Pass subscriber info..."

STEP 8: Save!

That's it!

So now AFTER they have confirmed their email address will they be added to your Call Loop list.

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