[Infusionsoft] Add Contacts to Call Loop from the Campaign Builder

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In this tutorial, you'll learn how to add contacts to your Call Loop group from Infusionsoft's Campaign Builder.

Here's how...


Step 1: Create Your Call Loop Group

When creating your group, give it a name, select "Infusionsoft" as the provider and then select the "Phone" field where we will pull the phone number from.

The Phone Field you select should match your webform, order form, or where you contacts phone number resides. (Ex: Phone1, Phone2, Phone3, Phone4, Phone5)

NOTE: You can also add contacts by creating a Trigger sms or voice message.

Step 2: Copy Your URL

Copy this URL and we will paste it into our HTTP Post inside of our Sequence in the Campaign Builder.



Step 3: Create Your Sequence & Drag Over an HTTP Post

Once you've created your campaign in the Campaign Builder, drag over the HTTP Post inside of your sequence.

Step 4: Paste in Your Call Loop URL

Double click to open up your HTTP Post and paste in your Call Loop URL.

Remember, you want to use the correct Phone field that you have requested on your webform, order form, or where your contacts phone number resides that you wish to add to Call Loop.

Then in the Value/Pairs section, paste in the following:

  • phone (*required)

You can also send over the fields for updating your contacts in Call Loop and also for personalization. (optional)

  • first
  • last
  • email

If you want to merge in Custom Fields into your SMS text messages, then please see this tutorial.

IMPORTANT: You must use the name "phone" in order for this to work correctly. If you put "Cell Phone, Home Phone" or anything other than "phone" (in all lowercase) it will not work.


Step 5: Test Your Campaign

The best way to test your campaign and to ensure that your contacts are being added is by actually filling out the form.

Another great way to test is to replace the merge field ~Contact.Phone1~ with your actual cell phone, then send a test.

Now, you'll check your Call Loop group and click the refresh icon on the "Home" to refresh your list to see your new contacts that have shown up.


Step 6: Make Your Post, Sequence, and Campaign Ready!

In order for this to work, you'll need to turn on your HTTP post, your sequence, and campaign to ready!


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