[Nanacast] Integration Tutorial

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Step 1: Sign up For Call Loop

This is easy. Just sign up for your FREE Call Loop account and get 25 FREE Credits to get started.

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Step 2: Create Your Call Loop List

A list is where we will store your subscribers or customers. For example, as customers purchase your "Nanacast Viral Marketing" product, they will be added to this list.

  1. Create a Title
  2. Check the "Provider" checkbox
  3. Select "Custom"
    Call Loop Custom Fields
  4. Click "Submit"

This will create your list and give you a Call Loop custom URL. This URL is specific for this list and the subscribers you want to add to it. If you have another product, you may want to create another unique list for that product.

Step 3: Login to Nanacast

  1. Login to your Nanacast account

  2. Select Manage --> Products

  3. Select the Notifications/Custom Fields for the product you wish to send your customer data over to with Call Loop

  4. Activate Advanced Outgoing API

Step 3: Paste Your External URL

This is the most important part of the integration and the one part to get right. So here's the exact steps to follow to get it correct the first time.

  1. Copy Your Call Loop URL
    Nanacast Text Messaging

  2. Add this to the end that of Call Loop URL

  3. Put Them Together and You'll Get This{u_firstname}&LastName={u_lastname}&phone={u_phone}&Email={u_email}

  4. Paste this Entire URL in the External URL Section in Nanacast Account

That's it! Now your integration is complete and you'll start to see new customers join your Call Loop list as new purchases are made for your Nanacast products.

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