5 Minute Quick Start Guide

Welcome to Call Loop!

You're only a few steps away from getting up and running. 


Step 1: Create a Group

The first thing you'll need to do when inside Call Loop is to create a group. 


From the Group creation page, give your group a name. Now, a group is a group of contacts. It could be customers, website subscribers, people who text in your keyword from an event, or whomever. 


If you plan on integrating Call Loop with one of our email providers, please check our knowledgebase on "how-to" tutorials for their specific integration. The integration is optional.


Step 2: Create a Followup (Autoreply) Message

The next step is to create your 1st followup (autoreply) message to be sent to your new subscribers immediately after they join your group.


On the followup creation page, give your followup a name and keep the "Send immediately" selected. This will set your message to be delivered immediately after the subscriber joins your group.


On the next page, you can customize your autoreply message. Once you create your message, click "Create Followup" and your followup will be created.


 After, it's created you can test your message that you created or if it's ready to go, just click the "off" button to turn it "on".


Step 3: Build Your List

There's a few ways to build your contact list.

  1. Create a Webform
    You can create a Webform with Call Loop to place on your blog, website, or anywhere on the web to capture contacts. Learn more about webforms.

  2. Import Contacts
    You can import contacts to your group. Although, we have strict rules for importing contacts, it is a viable way to add contacts to a group. Learn more about importing.

  3. Text to Join Keywords
    Contacts can text in your Keyword to join your group. You can purchase a keyword for just $10/mo or if you are on a monthly plan, secure your keyword by searching for a keyword and adding it to your account. Learn more about keywords.

  4. Third Party Integrations
    If you are using one of our integration partners, you can build your contact list by adding people through there. For example, with AWeber as contacts join your webform, you can add them to Call Loop. Learn more about integrations.


Step 4: Add Credits To Your Account

In order for your messages to be delivered, you'll have to purchase credits or setup Autocharge on your account. The autocharge ensures that your messages to be delivered to your subscribers. When it falls below a certain threshold, we will charge your card and replenish your credits.

That's it! 

Now get building your list and reaching your contacts with your custom voice and SMS text messages.




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