How to Import Contacts & Subscribers

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To be approved to import contacts, please send a support ticket requesting your account to be lifted.

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How to Create Your Template File For Import

Step 1: Download the Template File

We recommend using a CSV file instead of an excel XLS or XLXS file. Please use our template. 


Step 2: Paste In Your Contacts In the Columns

The phone number is the only required field. First name, last name, and email address are optional.


Step 3: Export Your File as a CSV

Export your file as a CSV for a seamless import. 

IMPORTANT: If importing an XLS or XLXS file you may experience a failure on your import. We recommend using a CSV file for a successful import.


How to Import Your CSV File

Step 1: Select The Group You Want to Import To

Before importing your contacts, please be sure to select the Group you wish to import your contacts to. 


Step 2: Go to "Contacts > Import" 


Step 3: Import Your CSV File & Select the Campaign Type & Agree to Terms

Broadcast Only.
This will import the contacts and will NOT send them the followup messages if you have them created. 

Start on Followup Campaign.
Upon import, these contacts will be started on your Followup campaign and will deliver the messages. 

Also, select yes to agree to the import terms and conditions.


Step 4: Match Your Fields

On this page you will see some of the contact information you wish to import and next to it, you'll see a drop down. From these drop down menu's select the appropriate field for the information. After you have matched the fields, then click "Submit."

Phone is the only REQUIRED field.


Step 5: Review Your Contacts

On this screen, you'll be able to review and select which phone number you do not want to be imported. To not import a certain phone number, just click the green checkmark and this number will be skipped.

When ready, just click "Import" and the valid phone numbers will be imported.


Step 6: Import Complete!

Your contacts should now be imported to your selected Group. To see these contacts, you can head over to "Contacts > Search" and click search to see these contacts.

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