How can I record an audio for my voice broadcast?

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You have two options to getting your audios inside of your Call Loop account.

OPTION 1: Record By Phone (recommended)

You can record your audio by using your phone. We will give you a phone number and a pin code for you to place your call and record your audio.

Just call the phone number, enter in your unique PIN code, and follow the prompts. We recommend keeping your voice broadcast around 45 seconds in length to remain under the 1 credit cost. If it goes over 60 seconds, it will count as 2 credits for your voice broadcast.


OPTION 2: Upload Your Audio MP3

You can upload your pre-recorded MP3 to your audio manager in just a few clicks. The file size MUST be below 2mb in size or else it will not upload the audio file.

We recommend using Audacity (free) to record and export your file as an mp3.



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