[Marketo] How to Merge Custom Fields into Text Messages Triggers

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If you're looking to merge in custom fields into your text messages from Marketo, then this tutorial will show you exactly how to do it.

In order to merge in custom fields, you'll need to use Call Loop's Triggers.

Step 1: Create a Trigger

Head over to "Messages > Triggers" to create your text message.

Step 2: Use [Brackets] to Call a Custom Field

When creating your SMS text and merging in a custom field other than first name, last name, email, or phone number, the way to Call the custom field is by putting the word in [brackets].

For example, in this message.

[FNAME], your appointment is on [date]. Contact [owner] at [ophone].

So now that we called the fields: (these are completely made up)

  • FNAME (first name)
  • date
  • owner
  • ophone

NOTE: You can make up your custom field names, they just have to match what's being sent from the Marketo Webhook.

We'll need to have our Webhook template send over these fields in the template.

Step 3: Create Your Webhook

As you can see here, we've created the template to insert and use these field names we created.


Template Example: This is the information that Marketo will send over to Call Loop. You can use our template as a guide for you.

&phone={{lead.Mobile Phone Number:default=edit me}}&first={{lead.First Name:default=edit me}}&date={{lead.Launch Date:default=edit me}}&owner={{lead.Lead Owner First Name:default=edit me}}&ophone={{lead.Lead Owner Phone Number:default=edit me}}

So anytime you merge in custom fields, you have to pass them FROM Marketo using this template.

So to add more fields you just need to preface it as &fieldname= 

Step 4: Add Your Webhook to the Flow in Your Campaign

Now from your Smart Campaign, click on the "Flow" tab and drag over the "Call Integration" Webhook. Then select the New Webhook you just created.


That's it!

Now you can add these into your Smart Campaigns and Flows.


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