[HubSpot] How to Merge Custom Information into SMS Text Messages

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In this tutorial, you'll learn how to merge in Custom Field information into your Call Loop SMS text message Triggers from your HubSpot Workflows.

It's important to note that you must first capture your users Phone Number from a web form and if importing into HubSpot, that you import the phone along with the contact information.

Viewing Your Hubspot Field Names

To view your HubSpot field names, click on "Contacts > Contact Settings"

Creating Your SMS Message

When you are creating your SMS text message, you can merge over any information from your HubSpot fields by using a the field name in a bracket, like [fieldname].

Any field you want to merge into your SMS text message, you must make sure that the field name that HubSpot provides matches what is in brackets.


If you want to merge over the company name the field name is "twitterhandle" into your SMS text, you would include that field name in brackets like [twitterhandle]



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