[HubSpot] Send SMS, Voice Broadcasts, and Ringless Voicemails from Workflows

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In this tutorial, you'll learn how to send voice and/or SMS text messages to your contacts from your workflows.

It's important to note that you must first capture your users Phone Number from a web form and if importing into HubSpot, that you import the phone number along with the contact information.


Step 1: Create Your Call Loop

There is no need to select the Integration as HubSpot, as we will integrate via the Triggers page.


Step 2: Create Your Trigger Message

Head over to "Messages > Triggers > Create a Trigger".


Step 3: Creating Your Message

You can select an SMS Text Message or a Voice Broadcast. From here, select the "HubSpot Phone Field" that you would like Call Loop to send the message to and if it's an SMS, create your customized message.

CUSTOMIZATION: If you wish to customize and merge in custom fields, please see article on how to easily merge in custom contact information into your texts.


Step 4: Copy Your Trigger URL

To get your Trigger URL, click on the "Code" button and simply copy this URL.


Step 5: Create Your Trigger Workflow in HubSpot

From this page, click on "Add Step" and this will then drop down more information for you to fill out. Then select the action "Trigger a webhook".

You can customize your timing settings as you see fit.

or in the NEW workflow...



Step 6: Select POST and Paste Your Call Loop URL

And in the NEW Workflow...



Step 7: Turn Your Workflow LIVE

Now after someone joins this workflow, they will be added to your Call Loop group and sent the message.


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