[HubSpot] How to Integrate HubSpot with Call Loop

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We've officially integrated with HubSpot to give you the ability to build your Mobile list and to also send voice and sms text messages to your contacts with HubSpot's Workflows.

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Here's how to setup your integration with HubSpot.


Step 1: Visit the Integrations Page in Call Loop

You can get to the new Integrations page in Call Loop by going to "Account > Integrations"

Find HubSpot in the list and click the Connect button.



Step 2: Login to Your HubSpot Account

Enter your HubSpot credentials and press Log In. This will connect your account to Call Loop and unlock the features specific for HubSpot.


If you have multiple sub accounts you will be asked to choose one after the initial log in. 

Step 3: Success!

You are now connected and integrated with HubSpot to start using Call Loop. You can disconnect the integration at anytime by clicking the "Disconnect" button and this will stop any further integration with Call Loop.

NOTE: By disconnecting, this will cause all of your Groups, Triggers, and other messages to not function correctly.


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