[HubSpot] Add Contacts to Call Loop using Workflows

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After you have integrated your HubSpot account with Call Loop, you can now start to add contacts to your Call Loop group and send messages to your contacts.

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to Add Contacts from your HubSpot workflows to your Call Loop groups.

Here's how...


Step 1: Create Your Call Loop Group

When creating your group, give it a name, select "HubSpot" as the provider and then select the "Phone" field where we will pull the phone number from.

Call Loop will look up your default phone fields as well as your Custom Property (ie: custom fields) for you to select.

NOTE: You can create a new phone field by going to your HubSpot account > Contacts > Contact Settings > Create Property


Step 2: Copy Your URL

Copy this URL as we will be pasting this in your Workflow.


Step 3: Select Workflows

Go to "Contacts > Workflows"


Step 4: Create Your Trigger Workflow

From this page, click on "Add Step" and this will then dropdown more information for you to fill out. Then select the action "Trigger a webhook".

You can customize your Timing settings as you see fit.


Step 5: Select POST and Paste Your Call Loop URL


Step 6: Turn Your Workflow LIVE

Now after someone joins this workflow, they will be added to your Call Loop group.



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