NEW! [Infusionsoft] Collecting Leads From Text Messages (Lead Gen Conversations)

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We're excited to announce a brand new feature that allows you to collect leads from your text messages and automatically add a contact to your Infusionsoft application.

There's a few steps to take to correctly integrate Call Loop with your Infusionsoft app.


Step 1: Integrate Your Infusionsoft App

Go to "Account > Integrations" then connect your app.

This is your subdomain of your Infusionsoft application. (

Only enter the appname, not the

You can find this by going to "Admin > Settings > Application" Scroll down and grab the "Encrypted Key" and paste this in the field.

Input your credentials and click "Save Settings"


Step 2: Create Your Group

Create your group where you want to add people after they optin. You do not need to integrate with Infusionsoft here.


Step 3: Create Your Followup

You will need to create an immediate followup. This immediate message will be delivered to your contact right after they join your group.

On the 2nd step, you will select SMS and create your message which may ask for the field like email address.

"Thanks for registering. To confirm, please reply with your email address."

Be sure to click Push contact to Infusionsoft to send over the Phone Number collected when a person opts into via Keyword. 

In order to start a campaign inside of Infusionsoft, you'll need to apply a tag to the message. So create a tag to apply to the contact when they first text in to join.


Step 4: Click "Request More Information"

This will start the conversation and you can collect the fields and custom fields to send to your Infusionsoft app.

We suggest capturing the email address immediately on the first reply, so you can start an email sequence in Infusionsoft. 

You can continue the conversation to collect as much data and information as you'd like.


Create Your Invalid & Success Messages

Each Success message will continue or end the conversation. If you wish to continue to message, ask a question and then select "request more information" to let Call Loop know about the field to "save the reply as" in the following message.

Apply a Tag When They Reply with Their Email Address

On your first reply message, you have the option to "Apply a Tag" so when the user responds back this will be added to their contact record. We suggest using tag name syntax like {KeywordName} Keyword - Email Collected and under the Call Loop or SMS category in Infusionsoft.


Step 5: Save and Turn Your Followup On

After you save, you need to turn on your Followup in order to test it.



Step 6: Connect Your Keyword

Head over to "Keywords" at the top and make sure that you connect the keyword to your new group.

You can purchase a keyword for just $10/mo or $97/year or use a keyword credit, if you have a subscription plan.


Step 7: Create a Campaign In the Campaign Builder

To add someone to a sequence when a tag is applied, create a new Campaign in the Campaign Builder. In the campaign, you'll want to set it so when the Tag you selected in Call Loop is applied it will start a sequence.

After you're done, publish your campaign and let's test it!



Step 8: Test Your Campaign 

To test, send a text message to the phone number 38470 and the message should be your keyword. Text Keyword to 38470. It is not case-sensitive.

Here's an example on how to send in your text message...


Step 9: Check Infusionsoft For the Email or Phone Number

After you've gone through your conversation, check your Infusionsoft app to see that your contact was added and that they received the appropriate tags.


What will Call Loop send over to Infusionsoft?

Call Loop will send over a few things to your Infusionsoft contact once they optin.

When someone opts in or joins your group, we will add the LeadSource "38470 - {Message Name} - SMS" to their record. 


Apply a Note
We will add a note to the contact record of each incoming message so you can follow along the trail. 


Phone Number
We will add their Phone Number to the Phone1 contact field.

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