How do I cancel and release a keyword?

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You can cancel and release a Keyword at any time. All keywords are billed monthly or annually and there are no long-term contracts.

IMPORTANT: It's very important to note that if you release your Keyword, then at any time another user can secure it and own it. If you plan on using it for ongoing campaigns and across marketing materials, we recommend securing your keyword for at least a year.

Step 1: Go To The Keywords Page

Head over to the Keywords page to start your search for your own Keyword.



Step 2: Find Your Keyword and Click The Release Icon

Next to your Keyword, click on the release icon. This will bring up a popup which will ask you why you are canceling.


Step 3: Please Let Us Know Why

In order to fully release your keyword, please let us know why you are canceling, then click the "Cancel Keyword" button.

After your cancelation, your keyword will be released and available for someone else to pick up and your subscription will be canceled.

If you experience any issues cancelling your keyword, please contact our support team.


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