Text-to-Convert: Capture Email Addresses From Texts

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We're excited to announce a brand new feature that will allow you to capture Email Addresses from incoming text messages.

Not only can you collect Email Addresses, but you can also collect First Name, Last Name, or Full Name.

You can collect this information from any of our messages: Broadcasts, FollowUps, or Triggers.

Use Infusionsoft? Capture leads from SMS and send to Infusionsoft!

Use MailChimp? Capture leads from SMS and send to MailChimp!

Use HubSpot? Capture leads from SMS and send them to HubSpot!

Use Marketo? Capture leads from SMS and send them to Marketo!

Here's how it works...

Step 1: Create a Message

You can create any type of message, whether it's a Broadcast, FollowUp, or Trigger to capture contact information.

Step 2: Select Request More Information

When you are creating a message, you will see a new checkbox called "Request more information." 

This will enable some more features where you can request to collect the First Name, Last Name, Full Name, or Email Address.

Step 3: Create Your Invalid & Success Messages

Each Success message will continue or end the conversation. If you wish to continue the message, ask a question and then select "Request more information" to let Call Loop know about the field to "Save Reply As" in the following message.

Step 4: Save Your Message!

Save your message and it's is now live! If it's a FollowUp, you should turn this ON to see it in action.


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