How to Add Contacts From ActiveCampaign to Call Loop Groups

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In this article, you'll learn how to add contacts from your ActiveCampaign Automations to your Call Loop groups.

NOTE: This will only ADD contacts to your group. If you want to send a text or voice broadcast, then please use Call Loop's Triggers.


Step 1: Create Your Call Loop Group

When creating your group, give it a name, select ActiveCampaign as the provider and click Create Group.



Step 2: Copy Your URL

Copy this URL and we will paste it into your ActiveCampaign Automation campaign.


Step 3: From ActiveCampaign, Drag Over a Webhook into Your Campaign

From your Automation campaign, drag over the Webhook widget over in your campaign.


Once your drag it over, then paste in your Call Loop URL.



Step 4: That's It!

Now when someone is added to your campaign, they will be added to your Call Loop group.


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