[Drip] Send Voice Broadcasts & SMS Text Messages from Automations

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Step 1: Create Your Call Loop

No need to select any integrations at this point.



Step 2: Create Your Trigger Message

Head over to "Messages > Triggers > Create a Trigger".



Step 3: Creating Your Message

You can select an SMS Text Message or a Voice Broadcast. This example shows how to create a SMS Text Message.



Step 4: Copy Your Trigger URL

To get your Trigger URL, click on the "Code" button and simply copy this URL.


Step 5: Define Your Trigger Automation in Drip


On your automation page, first define your trigger. For help with that please consult Drip's help desk. This example uses "Became a lead" as the trigger to start this automation.


Next you will define your action. Click on "Define your action." A new screen will show, select "Action"

drip7.jpg-->         drip2.jpg

On the next screen you will set up your Action to look like this:


Set the Drip action to "Send an HTTP post"

Endpoint URL: This is the trigger url you copied from Call Loop

Content Type: Select Form-Encoded

Custom Data: At the very least there needs to be a phone number field here or the trigger will not be sent. Take a look at the screenshot above to see how to fill it out. Drip fields need to be in {{ }} brackets.

You can also use first, last and email as pictured.

Step 6: Start the automation


Once everything is to your liking, click on the Start button to start your automation! Now when someone enters this automation they will be added to your Call Loop group and sent a text message.


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