[Marketo] Capture Leads Through Text Messaging

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This video tutorial will show you how to integrate with Marketo and how to capture leads through text messaging.


Integrating Call Loop with Marketo

Step 1: Visit the Integrations Page in Call Loop

You can get to the new Integrations page in Call Loop by going to "Account > Integrations"

Step 2: Getting Your Marketo Client ID and Secret Key

To connect Marketo we will need to get a Client ID and Client Secret key. To get these we will start by logging into Market and clicking on the Admin button in the upper right.


Next we will click on LaunchPoint


Next click on New then New Service.


Now fill out the form that pops up and click on Create.


Display Name: Just a name for you to recognize in the list.

Service: Set this as Custom

Description: Write a quick description of the service, i.e. Text Messages

API Only User: Select your user here

Next, find the service you just named and click View Details.


Here you will find your Client ID and Client Secret


Step 3: Connecting Marketo to Call Loop

Now that you have your Client ID and Client Secret, you can copy and paste them into the correct space in Call Loop. Click on Marketo in the list, enter your Client ID and Client Secret then click on Connect.


Setting Up Call Loop

Step 1: Create a Group

The first step is to create a group in Call Loop. You won't need to select Integration for using text-to-join. Just give your group a title and press Create Group.


Step 2: Create an Immediate Follow-up (auto-reply)

After creating the group you will be prompted to create a followup. You will need to create an immediate followup. This immediate message will be delivered to your contact right after they join your group.


Click Continue which will bring you to the next step where you will create your message.


Provider: Select Drip as your provider. If you do not see it in this list, then you'll need to add the integration from your integrations page.

List: Select which Marketo list the contacts will be added to.

Phone Field: Which field the phone number should be added to.

Save Reply As: Select email here.

You can request more information as well, for example, their First name.

Step 3:  Turn Your Followup ON

Finally, turn your followup ON.


Step 4: Purchase and Assign your Keyword

You will need to secure your keyword in order for people to start texting in to join. To see if your keyword is available, head over to the Keywords page.

Search For Your Keyword.

Start your search by putting in a word that represents your business, organization, or reason for the keyword.

If it's not available, our system will alert you. This means that someone other Call Loop customer already possesses this keyword.


Purchase Your Keyword.

If your keyword is available, click the link to purchase your keyword. From here, if you have your credit card on file, you can use this or enter in a new credit card to purchase this keyword on a monthly or yearly basis.

Assign Your Keyword.

After you have purchased your keyword, you can now connect it to one of your Groups. 


Step 5: Test Your Keyword

To test, send a text message to the phone number 38470 and the message should be your keyword. It is not case-sensitive.

Now when someone texts in, not only does their contact information get stored in Call Loop, the contact now gets pushed over to your Drip account as well!

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