Why Aren't My FollowUps Working?

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Testing out your new Keyword, or just set up a new integration, and you aren't receiving any messages? Here are a few common mistakes to look for:

1) Resubscribes Not Allowed

This is a great feature, especially if you are using Call Loop for sending out coupons, but it can also prevent you from testing! If you test your FollowUp once, your Contact information is saved in the Group, therefore, if you try your FollowUp again, Call Loop sees that you already were sent the text and skips you.



2) FollowUp Isn't Turned On

FollowUps need to be turned ON, in order for them to work. A simple click and they are on!


3) Keyword Not Associated With The Correct Group 

Keywords have to be associated with the correct Group that has the FollowUp connected to it.



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